FAQ MobileViewpoint WMT

Types of connections
The WMT can be supplied with the following interfaces for connecting video as an alternative: SDI + HDMI + Analog Firewire In addition, the WMT provides two LAN connections
The system is designed to integrate Ethernet, WiFi and IPSat. Regarding the IPSat you can either have a configuration combined with 3G / 4G or Full Sat.
Operativity abroad

Support IP transport even in roaming or possibly, to reduce costs, by easily replacing the SIM with one of the other foreign country in which you wish to use it, makes the WMT MobileViewpoint a unique solution for shooting from foreign countries without additional of costs. Indeed, given the best coverage is usually found in other European countries, sometimes it’s better abroad than in Italy!

Weight and dimensions
The terminal WMT weighs 3.2kg (SD version) or 3.9kg (HD version), net of the battery. The battery is external and can be mounted either of the type V-mount that AntonBauer.
Issues that affect Network throughput
Experience has shown that often is not so much the “mobile” ability given by 3G connectivity to influence the quality of the transmission, but rather the one of reception. So be careful to certify the server infrastructure components for an Internet connection that gives a constant download capacity of at least 1.5Mbps and that this capacity is never, not even in part, used by other devices. And of course, you can do the test but can only guarantee on the momentary availability.
How it works
The system MobileViewpoint WMT is substantially composed of two components: WMT Client The Playout or WMT Server The WMT Client: receives the video signal from a camera (for the types of connections, see specific FAQ) encodes in H.264 video signal cut it into a number of parts which depends on the number of SIM that in the specific moment are connected to the server transmits, via the Internet, the different sections using different 3G connections available to the IP address of the server specially configured The WMT Server (or the Playout): receives, via the Internet, the different sections transmitted from the WMT client(s) using a specific algorithm it reassembles the sections into a single H.264 video stream transmits the video signal to the SDI port of the server or the Playout and / or possibly records it on the configured storage Note: WMT Client can also be used to perform a Store & Forward for which it receives a file via a USB or LAN port and conducts its transmission in the same way as described for a live video stream
The WMT client can be provided with 6 or 8 UMTS modem and the operator can install a SIM number variable from 1 to the number of modems available.
WMT has been submitted to the SAR certification ( Specific Absortion Rate ) .
In the absence of signal UMTS / LTE, how can I go on air
If the machine has UMTS / LTE Kasat will automatically switch from one technology to another without loss of audio / video.
I am a foreign operator, can I rent your products for a service
Of course, if only for one day. We’ll make if needed, a little training course and you will be able to go on air right away.