A new service that meets the needs of companies that want to use a high-quality product even for short periods:

WMT MobileViewpoint system “experimentation” rental. This is short-term rental at affordable prices, aimed at testing the equipment to verify the operating modes and define the best system architecture

“Classic” WMT MobileViewpoint system rental for longer periods of time

SD/HD Wireless and Microwave Transmission Systems

SD/HD Video, Audio, Data, Ethernet signal transfer systems over fiber optics, including cable.

HD/SD Video Encoders / DVB-S & DVB-S2 Modulators / ASI Re-Mux

HD/SD Receivers

Electrophysics Luminescence Intensifiers for Broadcast Cameras

Betacam SP Video Recorders / Digital Betacam and Monitors

Rental of KA-band satellite antennas

Li-Ion Battery Rental for Broadcast and Cinema Applications

We are available to examine rental needs for specific equipment and systems additional to those in stock.