Fibre Extender System

Fibre Optic Wireless Camera Extender System for remote Antennae


The VISLINK Wireless Camera System based on the L1500 and the Lynx L2174, is the most versatile wireless camera system on the market. The L1292 & L1282 allow the receive antennas and downconverters to be linked by up to a 20 kilometers of SMPTE Hybrid or Single Mode, away from the receiver. As the full band is sent over the fibre, all the cameras in the band can be received on one fibre link.

The L1292 & L1282 Fibre Extender system is a flexible, ‘plug-and- play’ system allowing users to extend antennas/downconverters via standard Fibre. Link has recognised the requirement to integrate and designed the L1292 & L1282 to allow the growing install base of fibre with outside broadcast users and many pre- wired large sporting venues.

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