Reduce your satellite transmission costs by up to 50% with the industry’s first end-to-end HD and 4K HEVC encode-decode solution.

The Vislink UltraCoder and UltraDeCoder use the latest HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) techniques to make more efficient use of scarce bandwidth compared to H.264 encoding. This means you get more channels in the same bandwidth or 4K where you could only get HD before.


  • Encodes 4K UHD, HD & SD video
  • Advanced HEVC encoding offers 50% bit rate reduction compared to H.264
  • Encodes one 4K UHD channel or up to 4 simultaneous HD video streams
  • User configurable SFP Video Interface
  • Used with the Vislink UltraDecoder for complete end to end encode and decode solution
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